• In-person (in a reasonable radius of north county San Diego) or phone-based coaching services helping you to assess areas of need and set up sustainable family habits, routines, and systems to prevent picky or problem eating and mealtimes battles, nurturing the feeding relationship to help you help your children grow into competent, healthy eaters with a good relationship with food.
  • Includes follow up contact for quick questions via phone or email for one month after each session.


  • Beginning Eaters (4-10 months):  Are you confused by baby-led weaning or not sure what graded purees even mean? Do you want to support your little one’s oral motor and oral sensory development for future eating and speech skills? Which darn travel cup is best (there’s a million out there!).
  • Learn to know when your baby is ready to eat, what the best first foods are, and how to approach this wonderful time in food exploration for your baby! Designed to empower the parent to nurture and support their beginning eater with the goal of developing good habits and routines, and establish family feeding practices to support adventurous eaters and prevent problematic picky eating and mealtime battles.
  • The Toddler Transition (11-23 months): As parents of toddlers know, no two days are the same. Learn how to navigate the tricky eating and feeding patterns of toddlers as they transition to solid foods— while they try to manipulate and control their environments and worlds through refusing (and demanding!) foods. Build family habits and mealtime routines to support healthy and happy eaters and save your sanity.
  • Picky Preschoolers (and Beyond!): Are you struggling with a picky eater and feeling like you don’t know what to do? Learn some tips and tricks to reformat your family’s approach to eating to decrease mealtime battles and discourage picky eating behaviors. Help your child build a happy and healthy relationship with food.



Lauren Leipper

Nourishing your family’s relationship with food.


I have over 15 years of experience working with children and families. I have spent the last 5 years of my occupational therapy career specializing in feeding therapy for children with special needs and their families, including breast- and bottle-feeding issues, picky and problem eaters, rare/significant food allergies, sensory aversions, g-tube transitions, and more. This includes interdisciplinary work with an amazing team of speech therapists and physical therapists. I have continuing education in feeding therapy techniques, oral-motor/sensory development, nutrition, sensory integration, self-regulation programs, self-help skills, handwriting, and more. I also have a background in applied behavior analysis (ABA), behavior management, and parent training.


I am a mama to happy, wild, and amazing small children. My 5-year-old daughter loves creating artwork, pretend play, and exploring the outdoors. My 2-year-old son is a scooter-maniac and loves experiencing life with his whole body! I have had first-hand parenting experience with doulas and midwives, lactation consultants, sleep coaching, pediatricians, and all that the world of babies and toddlers has to offer.


As a human, I enjoy spending time outdoors, preferably at the beach or in the mountains. I love reading and attempting crossword puzzles. I try to practice yoga and run, but exercise often consists of chasing kids around the yard! I also love traveling, eating good food and going wine and beer tasting with my husband.



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